The Project
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What can be done ?

A recording and research project is being set up to record Worcestershire’s farmsteads, initially in the south-east of the county. Using photographs and written descriptions of the architectural features, the farms will be recorded building-by-building: this will be supported by a site plan showing the overall layout and arrangement of the various buildings. Research will be undertaken at the Hive in Worcester and at the National Archives in Kew to investigate the history of the farm, in order to understand how it has developed over time.

What will happen to the information?

Using a nationally-developed approach which has been used in other counties, the recording and research will be brought together into a single report for each farm: a copy will be provided to the owner/occupier of the farm and a further archive copy placed in the county’s Historic Environment Record (HER).

The evidence obtained and the conclusions drawn will be valuable to those interested in agricultural change, local history, historic buildings and conservation matters. This information may also be helpful in the preparation of Stewardship Scheme applications.  Further, the Project will extend the recording already undertaken elsewhere in the country, so that the national development of farmsteads can be understood more fully.